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Where We Work

Built For Your Home

Every space is different. Whether you plan to grow in a tiny home, or an enormous property, we’ve got you.

Our walls and farms are designed for every space and every purpose.

With our scalable technology, we can customize our farms and walls based on your unique set of specifications and requirements.

Why Indoor Growing Systems Are Great For Residential Spaces

There are many reasons why an indoor garden is a great idea for your residential space. Browse below our top 5 reasons you should invest in an indoor growing system today.


Indoor vertical hydroponic systems add aesthetic value to every space. Beautify your premises with living, breathing, walls.


Indoor vertical gardens add to your sustainability efforts. Turn otherwise unused space into productive, produce-yielding masterpieces.


Maintaining an indoor vertical farm takes little effort. Make an impact without a huge investment of time and resources.


Make your money back on your initial investment. Offset increasing produce prices by growing your own food on-site.


Introduce biophilic design to your space to improve your mood. Indoor plants help relieve stress and improve mental well-being.

Work With Us

Why We’re Perfect For Your Home

For your needs, you need a partner who can follow through. We have extensive experience delivering indoor growing systems in both big and small residential spaces. Working with Just Vertical, you can expect the following.
  • Designs built to specs
  • Aesthetic focus
  • High yield
  • Expert advice
  • Continual support

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Grow Walls & Farms

Meet Our Indoor Solutions

Interested in the growing systems we've got to offer? Meet our two customizable options for your growing dreams.

Grow Walls

Looking for something modular, easy to install, and quick to get growing? Our grow walls come in three different pre-set sizes, as well as the option to have your own size configured for your space.

Grow Produce

Beautiful Design


Natural Look & Feel

For Every Space



Low Maintenance

See Our Grow Walls

Indoor Farms

For those who want to grow at a larger scale. Our custom indoor farms are built to unique specifications and needs. We'll be involved in the entire process from start to finish - ensuring we deliver on exactly what you need.



Quick ROI


For Every Space


Low Maintenace

Grow Produce

See Our Indoor Farms


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