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Just Vertical Growing Systems

Indoor Grow Walls & Farms

Build the perfect productive grow wall or indoor farm. Bring your growing dreams to life.


Who We Are

At Just Vertical, we manufacture breathtaking indoor growing systems for every space, big or small. Whether for a commercial space, residential space, or something in-between, we have modular and custom-made solutions to fit your unique needs.
Our Story

Our Indoor Growing Solutions

Grow Walls

Our modular grow walls are easy to install and come in three pre-set sizes or a custom size. Work with our team to get growing quickly and enjoy a lush grow wall that's perfect for your space.

Grow Produce

Beautiful Design


Natural Look & Feel

For Every Space



Low Maintenance


Indoor Farms

Get the perfect indoor custom indoor farm built to your specifications. Our team will work with you to create a profitable and high-yield hydroponic farm that's built to meet your unique needs.



Quick ROI


For Every Space


Low Maintenace

Grow Produce


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Why You Need An Indoor Grow System

Whether you're interested in greening your space, growing fresh produce for your loved ones, providing food for your team or community, or building a profitable indoor grow operation, we've got you covered.

Discover our top reasons for growing with an indoor garden.

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With our largest wall, grow up to 240 lbs of food (or more) a month.

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Make your money back growing fresh, edible produce.

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Save 95% of water compared to traditional agriculture.

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Grow plants that are equal parts breathtaking and productive.

Who We Help

Indoor Growing Systems For Residential Spaces

We build gardens for every home, big or small. Our grow walls or custom indoor farms are designed to meet you and your families needs.

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Who We Help

Indoor Growing Systems For Commercial Spaces

Whether you're looking to upgrade your commercial space with a living piece of art, or run a commercially viable indoor farm, our suite of indoor gardens are perfectly suited to any commercial space and application.

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Get To Know Your Green Gurus

Learn more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Our Roots

Welcome to our growing world. At Just Vertical, we manufacture breathtaking indoor growing systems for every space, big or small.

From humble beginnings in 2016, we've grown to become one of the leading hydroponic plug-and-play garden manufacturers with our AEVA & EVE indoor gardens.

We've also expanded our commercial reach, ideating, designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing commercial indoor growing systems across North America.

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Our Technology

Every single one of our growing systems utilizes hydroponic technology - but what exactly does this mean? And why is this the ideal way for you to grow fresh, nutritious produce inside your own home?

Hydroponic growing is a soil-less cultivation method that involves plants growing in a nutrient-rich water solution. This technique provides precise control over the plant's growing conditions, resulting in faster and healthier growth rates compared to traditional soil-based growing. Hydroponics eliminates the need for soil preparation and weeding, making it a more efficient and sustainable way of growing plants.

With its precise nutrient delivery and controlled environment, hydroponics offers a highly efficient and productive method of cultivation that is increasingly popular in both commercial and home settings.

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Our Services

We specialize in designing, building, and operating large-scale, custom hydroponic farms, ranging from modular grow walls to full-scale indoor farms.

Our commercial services involve a consultative process with our in-house team of growth and design experts.

We also manufacture and distribute two plug-and-grow hydroponic indoor gardens for the home.

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Our Process

At Just Vertical, we're dedicated to helping you bring your indoor gardening dreams to life!

We offer a full-service approach, from brainstorming and planning to ongoing support and servicing.

Our process starts with a free consultation session to understand your unique set of needs to develop a project plan. We then create a customized design proposal and quote. Once you've approved the work, we manufacture your new grow walls or indoor farm in-house in Toronto, Ontario.

We offer optional installation on every new growing system and provide you with guidance on how to use the technology to maximize growth and yield. We also provide ongoing support and optional servicing packages to maintain your growing system. With our help, you'll have a thriving indoor grow wall or farm in no time!

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Meet The AEVA & EVE

Along with our custom commercial growing systems, we also offer two breathtaking plug-and-grow gardens.

Meet The AEVA & EVE


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