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Welcome To Hydroponics

Our Technology

If you’ve made it this far, you already deserve a big ol’ pat on the back. Hydroponics and indoor gardening can be a confusing world.

However, we think that once you learn a little more about hydroponics, vertical farming, and our processes, you’ll find our technology and approach is a lot more straightforward than it may seem.

Come on a journey of growth with us…

 Hydroponics 101

What does it take to grow beautiful, healthy plants indoors?

Every single one of our growing systems utilizes hydroponic technology - but what exactly does this mean? And why is this the ideal way for you to grow fresh, nutritious produce inside your own home?

📚 Basics of Hydroponics

Ok so what the heck are hydroponics?

Plants need water, right? Of course! Outside in the wild, water is generally provided by the best irrigator of them all - mother nature. However, when we grow indoors, we don't have the convenience of an impromptu rain shower to keep our plants healthy and hydrated.

Therefore, many hydroponic systems rely on a man-made irrigation system to give the plants the water they so dearly crave.

Our grow walls and farms provide water directly to the plants via an irrigation system that is attached to either the plumbing of your premises, or in a cabinet below the garden. The water is fed through the gardens via a pre-set timed pump that gives the plants the perfect amount of water where and when they need it.

💧 Water

Efficient watering

One enormous benefit of hydroponic growing is that plants only take the water and nutrients that they need at any given time. Call it the ultimate democratic system.

The outcome of this this is that the remaining water is returned unused to the original water source. This, in turn, creates an extremely efficient growing process, effectively eliminating water wastage (which is extremely common in traditional agriculture). In fact, growing hydroponically can save 95% of water when compared to traditional growing methods.

🥗 Nutrients

Intro to nutrients

Plants are reliant on soil generally speaking. Soil is the best provider for all the nutrients a plant needs to grow. However, in the case of hydroponics (no soil, remember), we need to find another way to provide nutrients to the plants.

Thankfully, many smart plant scientists have developed perfectly mixed nutrient solutions ideal for growing when nutrients aren't available in the growing medium. In all our gardens, adding nutrients is as simple as pouring a small amount of the solutions in the water source, which is then diluted and moved through the gardens.

Our pumps circulate the nutrients directly to the root systems of the plants, along with the water, and the plants take whatever they need to grow healthy and full.

How nutritious is it growing without soil?

There is a misconception that hydroponics isn't as flavourful or nutritious as growing in soil.

In terms of nutrition, nothing is more nutritious than freshly picked produce, whether it be soil-grown, hydroponically-grown, or grown through any other method (i.e. aeroponics).

Growing and buying local (whether that's in your kitchen with an AEVA or EVE, in your garden, or at your local farmers market) is going to be the most nutritious food you can get.

🌞 Light

Built-in LED lights

Here comes the fun part. Growing with lights means that plants don't need to be outdoors or next to windows. This means, irrespective of where you live, and you can grow year round. That's right. It doesn't matter if where you live is too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. With lights, you can grow year-round.

All our gardens come with pre-fitted, highly-efficient, full-spectrum LED lights.

Light Timing

Different plants require different light cycles. Our gardens include light timers that keep your plants lights on an automatic schedule. Never worry about turning your lights on and off. Your plants will always get the amount of light that they want and need.

🏠 Indoor Growing and Urban Agriculture

What is indoor growing?

Indoor growing is what the name implies - growing food inside!

Traditional outdoor farming is reliant on the seasons and weather. Traditional outdoor agriculture also has lower crop yields in comparison to industrial vertical farms. It also is an inefficient use of space.

New methods of farming indoors, and in particular vertical indoor farming, helps alleviate the issues mentioned above. Most importantly, it utilizes an enormous amount of otherwise unproductive space in ever dense cities and urban areas.

What is urban agriculture?

Urban agriculture, also known as urban farming or urban gardening, is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas.

Put simply, it’s about being able to produce food within the limits of urban areas like dense cities or suburbs. Urban farming is an alternative way of growing that differs from traditional agricultural practices by utilizing vast areas with inadequate farmland.

How To Grow With Our Systems

Growing in a Just Vertical indoor growing system is a breeze. We've designed and manufactured our systems to suit every black-thumb, green-thumb, and everything in between. Click each image below to see what it takes to get growing.

Plug it in

Fill Up Water Tank & Add Nutrients

Add seedlings into plant sites

Enjoy fresh delicious produce!

Hydroponics & The Planet

Why should you give a shishito pepper? 🌶

Wondering exactly how growing your own food indoors helps the planet (and how growing food indoors makes you an awesome person)?

  Save 95% of water compared to traditional agriculture to grow your food

  Eliminate carbon emissions required to transport food. Every. Single. One.

  Eliminate food waste by picking straight from your unit

  Eat nutrient-rich food every day

  Grow without pesticides

  Utilize limited urban space for growing food

Want to learn more? See our grow walls below or browse many of our amazing resources found across our website.
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More Than Just A Garden

Our Design Principles

If you're like us, then you know that design matters.

Whether it's aesthetic design (ie. making sure it looks good) or productive design (ie. making sure it works), we make sure that every one of our projects is equal parts beautiful and functional.

Every project is designed to meet the requirements of every grower while creating a standout piece of decor that stands out in any space.

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